Price List


There is no time limit for our trials, we want to get the look just right so we dont want to rush it.

Trial for brides hair and make up £40.00
Just Makeup   £25.00
Just Hair £25.00

The Big Day                               


Bride £45.00
Mother of the bride/groom £40.00
Bridesmaids (age 18+)  £40.00
Bridesmaids (age 12-17) £10 - £20
Flower girls under 12 FREE
Make up reception call back £25.00

An eye brow tidy is available at the trial at no extra charge.

Complimentary individual false eye lashes are also available for no extra charge.


Bridal Hair prices vary depending on how long your hair is and what you want, but prices start from £40.00 - I will confirm price at the time of trial.

Mother of the bride/groom £25.00
Bridesmaids  £30.00
Flower girls under 12 subject to what they have,
possibly free

Decrotive wedding Hair accsessories available at minimal extra cost.  From diamontie pins and pearl grips, to tiaras and fasinators.  

Other Special occasions

We dont really need to do a trial for any thing other than weddings but if you wish to then the trial price is as above.

Then there is a set rate of £35 per hour for special occasions. This is for both Hair up and Makeup. if you want just the one service then email me with your requirements and I will personalise the price to what you require.

Call or email for more information.

Thanks.  Estelle


I really trusted Estelle on what she recommended was best for me, I was right to do so as she made me look wonderful for my big day."

- Mrs S. Evans